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Who we are

Uniwell Textile is a place where you can get premium-quality blankets at the best price. We offer a wide variety of weighted blanket for sale online along with unparalleled service. Located in Suzhou City, a mere 1.5 hours’ drive from Shanghai, our company is a global producer. With the brand expanding globally, we understand the importance of catering to a diverse market not only through our products but also our service. With a wide range of products and a focus on the demands of customers internationally, we at Uniwell work tirelessly to deliver the best quality in the industry. So, whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer of blankets, you can get the best deal with Uniwell.

Our product range is versatile, and you can find blankets made from the best material, which is durable, warm, non-piling, ultra-soft, and easy to clean. Fleece blankets, microfleece blankets, mink blankets, faux fur blankets, Sherpa blankets, flannel blankets, and polar fleece blankets are just a few variations you can get from us. You can find a blanket to suit any need. Whether you are seeking to add that extra touch of warmth for any home or a thoughtful gift, at Uniwell you will get exactly what you need and more.

In short, Uniwell is a fast-growing global brand that delivers superior quality blankets internationally, all while showing in-depth commitment to our corporate social responsibility.

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Our History

The Uniwell brand is new to the textile and blankets industry. The facility in Suzhou is a brand new one with all the state-of-the-art technology. However, the founders of our company have an experience of 20 years in the IC and textile industry. This unique blend of new technology with immense knowledge of the industry gives us an edge, especially when it comes to competing on a global level.

Most of all, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We are focused on delivering what our customers want. Be it soft, luxurious, and warm blankets or lightweight, anti-static throws for your bed, Uniwell has them all.

Our Mission, Our Values

Our mission is to provide premium quality blankets at the most affordable price to our corporate clients. Customer satisfaction takes priority above all other objectives, as we sincerely believe in creating long-term relationships with our customers. Once you buy one of Uniwell’s blankets, you are bound to return time and again as the quality of the products and the service are incomparable.

Uniwell was developed upon the vision of being the go-to place for customers looking for any type of blankets in bulk quantities. Catering to an international market, Asia, Europe, South America, North America, to name just a few, we aim to supply the best brand of blanket anywhere in the world. This global vision keeps Uniwell always striving hard to remain on top.

Our People

Uniwell is a great place to work. Our employees, retailers, and global partners are viewed as assets. Without the expertise and skill of our people, who are deeply committed to the values engendered within Uniwell’s corporate culture, we would not be the competitive force that we are.

Our standing within the industry depends totally on our workers and partners whose hard work makes everything possible. We are mindful of the fact and aim to make the working environment for our people the safest and most hospitable one. Individuality, integrity, and respect are the values we uphold when it comes to working at Uniwell.

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Quality Control

Our Services

Business Range

Business Range

Uniwell strives to provide exemplary blankets for our consumers at cost effective rates. We enforce strict control over the quality related costs of the materials incorporated in our blankets in order to eliminate the intermediate cost. Owing to the control of the material quality, we can enforce competitive prices pertaining to our items. High quality and authentic material and production are the driving force behind our team. We treasure every moment of cooperation with our clients and work towards assisting them in their blanket purchasing prospects.

Quality Control of blankets

Quality Control

Quality is the key to success. We are well aware of the efforts required to deliver our products to our consumers in excellent quality. We provide this assurance through the mechanism of our production activities. Our Trained Development workers oversee the products for quality and production. They make the necessary changes in the design and construction of the blankets as suggested by the buyer in order to improve the quality of the blanket.

Our fabrics are also inspected by trained professionals who have tested diverse fabric parameters ranging from wet and dry rubbing to washing. Our products are then audited by an independent team prior to full scale production. The raw materials we incorporate into our blankets are cotton, fleece and wool which are utilized to form an opulent blanket through conventional Packing, Bonding, Finishing, Knitting, Dyeing, Checking, Cutting, Sewing and Printing. With the level of richness and plushness emanating from our blankets, we have established a tremendous presence despite being a relatively new company.

On Time Delivery

On-Time Delivery

Reasonable Price and Attractive qualities are pointless without timely delivery. Our company is compatible with all three. Delivery is a source of building greater trust among our clients and consumers. Our production manager will schedule in advance every order according to the days or weeks it is required to reach its final destination. The date may vary pertaining to the order placed by the client. We ensure that we never let down any client concerning his delivery and provide him with his blanket in due time.

7x24H Service

7x24H Service

The world is becoming more globalized as the years go by, making the planet more interconnected. Uniwell knows this to be true, especially when it is related to the communication lines within our company. The most dangerous thing a company could do to their client is not being available to guide them or answer their queries during their purchasing prospects.

So how are we different? We have a service team in our arsenal that is present to assist you in any way they can ranging from your queries to your issues within their 3 hour work shift. For European consumers, we have one team available from 3pm to 12 pm who are focused on answering any questions that you have regarding your blanket.

Sell Service

After Sell Service

There is a general perception among different companies that when the product is shipped off to be delivered, it means the end of the road pertaining to the order. Uniwell is an exception in this regard. It believes that the delivery process is merely the beginning. We will continue to remain in touch and be the backup of our client. All the items produced by our company will be responsible for ensuring that the communication lines between our client and our company remain open until the client receives his purchased product in his own hands. We have a specific time period for guarantee to our clients upon receiving their respective blanket. Uniwell leaves no stone unturned until you are entirely satisfied.

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