Super Soft Raschel Blanket Manufacturer

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Product Description

Super Soft Raschel Blanket Manufacturer

Size: 160*220cm,200x240cm,220x240cm. 

100% Polyester, Raschel Knitted, 1 ply or 2 ply ,2kg-14kg. 

Features: Short pile,Smooth,Shine,Deep embossed.

Raschel Blankets Wholesale

What types of blankets are Raschel Blanket?

The raschel blankets wholesale, which is knitted by Raschel warp knitting machine, is renowned as Raschel blanket. The material of this blanket is very soft, fluffy, and has uniform density. The vertical hair feel of this blanket is great and doesn't have any falling issue; it is resistant to washing; therefore, there is no deformation in its appearance.

Why are Raschel blankets considered so much comfortable?

Compared to other textile blankets, the advantages of Raschel blankets make them outstanding: they give a great feeling of softness and comfort, not hair, delicate fiber makes it breathable and warm. These blankets have digital staining, a bright color that doesn't fade with time. Besides, it remains close and thick, which makes its performance way more unique.

What is the real meaning of Raschel?

According to the meaning in the dictionary, raschel means a loosely knitted type of fabric. In other words, raschel is defined as the machine used to develop this fabric.

What type of fabric is used in the Raschel blanket?

Raschel knitting is generally used for making and trimmings of lace fabrics. Different types of patterns and weights can be included in the net fabrics or lightweight lace to the stretch fabrics and heavy carpet matting.

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