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China International Trade Fair for Home Textile and Accessories


This year, China Home Textile Association and Concept & Style Fashion Project Group Italy published their research of “2020 China Home Textile Trend” and presented it in the China Home Textiles Trend Area at this year’s Intertextile Shanghai Home Textiles Autumn Edition. The following four themes were developed to express the lifestyle of consumers and the spirit of 2020 home textile trends, helping visitors to visualise the innovative design ideas.




New aesthetics are being established that combine the natural, spiritual and artificial worlds. Taking care of ourselves means giving space to the growing need to reduce the environmental and sensorial pollution to which we are subjected every day. We can do this through the conscious use of a discreet technology and a relaxing environment that has a calming and soothing effect. The challenge will be to find the perfect balance between spirituality and technology, through minimal aesthetics that abandon excesses in order to privilege the essence of things and ourselves. Soft lines, simple shapes, and pale colours combine to create visually pleasing, satisfying harmonies. Darker colours are muted and blend with pastel shades. The fabrics, which are characterised by softness, comfort and airiness, stimulate the sensory experience.


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