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The global organic bedding market is picking up pace and is set to rise at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of nearly 4.7 per cent by the end of 2029—a trend that is expected to continue in the foreseeable future, according to a study by Ireland-based market research firm Fact.MR. The rise can be attributed to the increased importance being given to sustainability and eco-friendly materials, and the higher investments being made for sleep aids, the study found.


Numerous people from around the world suffer from lifestyle based ailments like insomnia, asthma, and fibromyalgia, and the development of new organic bedding materials in variants of mattresses, bed linen, pillows, are anticipated to generate additional demand for organic bedding, it said.


Bed linen accounts for the largest segment in this market, reaching more than 33 per cent of the overall value, owing to the high demand for eco-friendly and sustainable goods. Novel materials like bamboo and design innovations involving lower thread counts are gaining popularity and are driving the demand for organic bedding.


East Asia, South Asia and Oceania will account for the largest and fastest growing segments in the organic bedding industry with CAGRs of more than 5 per cent. Such growth will rise from factors like a growing spending power of the working class, issues with sensitivity of the skin and the rising importance of sleep postures among consumers in such countries, Fact.MR said in a report citing the study.


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