New lyocell padding product touts biodegradability

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Weinheim, Germany – A new biodegradable padding made from lyocell is engineered to degrade in the ground in less than 60 days.


Freudenberg Performance Materials developed the comfortemp padding to meet all the performance requirements for thermal insulation for sports and outdoor clothing, while still reducing its ecological footprint for textile waste disposal.


“We take our responsibility for nature, people and the future very seriously,” said Benoit Cugnet, head of global strategic marketing. “For many years now, we have seen ourselves as pioneers in the development of innovative textiles that not only meet all requirements in terms of performance, but are also sustainable.”


The comfortemp padding, which was developed in cooperation with fiber producer Lenzing, decomposes within less than 60 days when rotting in the ground and leaves nothing behind to pollute soil or water. The wood fiber-based comfortemp absorbs up to 45% of body moisture to minimize sweating, is water-repellant, dries quickly, is antistatic and meets Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.


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