Neiper bets on high tech for post-Covid19 home and hotel towels

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Guimarães, Portugal – Neiper has developed a towel collection that minimizes the transmission of microorganisms while offering robust sustainability credentials.


Designed for both retail and hospitality, DoubleCare towels are manufactured with advanced technology that combines sustainability and safety with a permanent 99.99% reduction in bacteria and microorganisms


Neiper presents DoubleCare, an innovative collection of towels for hotels and home that help minimize the transmission of microorganisms, while keep the focus on environmental sustainability.


Developed in partnership with Devan Chemicals, the towels create an atmosphere that is not conducive to the reproduction of microorganisms both virologically and bacteriologically.


The new DoubleCare towels present a permanent wash and color retention and an increase in the life cycle of the article while maintaining its initial qualities. The high-quality towel cycle reduces the carbon footprint and the abuse of fabric softeners.


“The innovation allows us to develop products that help people fight viruses that are respectful of the planet, which supposes an incredible improvement for future generations,” the company said.


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